Our Samosas

Samosas (Samosas, pronounced sah-MOH-sahs) are pastry triangles filled with either mixed vegetables, ground beef, or ground chicken. Originally from the Middle East, samosas have travelled the globe and are now one of the world’s most popular Indian recipes. In fact, samosas are recognized in Canada as a national hors d’oeuvre.

At Elite Samosa recipes passed from generation to generation create our original all ground beef (halal) filled Samosas. The light, flaky Samosas pastry is a blended of our own recipe using Ancient techniques, and perfectly triangularly wrapped around modern gourmet fillings of delicately marinated beef and special herbs.

$0.99 including delivery.

*Last call for delivery 8:59 pm (Mon-Sun)

Catering available (minimum order of 20 samaos)