Elite Samosa


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Product Description

Elite samosa is the gorgeous, deep fried, twisted pack of spicy goodness that oozes with chicken, meat or potato.

What can be better than biting into a hot, karahi-fried, chutney-coated snack, inhaling in its herb-essenced scent, munching on spicy, meat/vegetable filling, crunching on a coriander seed, tasting that teasing taste of ginger-garlic … you get the picture.

Stop reading and order our award winning samosas.

2 reviews for Elite Samosa

  1. aelia
    5 out of 5

    I ordered elite samosas, and let me tell you these are by far the best tasting samosas out there…They are perfectly filled, low in oil, and amazing tasting!

  2. Cesar
    5 out of 5

    wow this is unreal no jokes!
    its Perfect, thin and crunchy soo good and tasty like what do they put in this samosa for real
    the flavor is out of this World
    its lean no fat yet full of meat..

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